Die neuen, fröhlicheren Editors

The New BrascosSteckbrief

Name: The New Brascos
Ort: Leeds
Mitglieder: Al Lewis (drums), Carl Muldal (bass guitar), Matthew Logan (keyboards) and Will Hutchins (guitar and "angelic voice")
Stil: Indie-Pop
Mein erster Eindruck: Intelligenter und vielseitiger Gitarren-Pop mit Keyboard-Unterstützung
Anhörtipp: Teenage Heartache, No One Came
Erinnert an: Editors, Pete and the Pirates 


We hail from...
Leicester, Belfast and some disgusting southern English city, but met at Leeds University, thus are based there. Leeds' former industrial past has paved the way for what is now a stunning cultural centre; every bar, street and alley brimming with people immersed in, what we believe to be, the most exciting music scene in the United Kingdom.

That's where we got our name from:
We spent many a pint discussing a name for our band but came up with The New Brascos. Donnie Brasco was an alias for FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone, who successfully infiltrated one of New York's main mafia families during the 1970s. A fascination with all things mafia-related and a desire to ‘infiltrate' the music scene led to choosing this particular name.

That's our story:
We all met at the end of 2008, Will and I starting things off with acoustic gigs in a few venues around Leeds, Carl and Al then joining us: The New Brascos were formed. Will spent many years and tears prior to university working to set up his own record label, Puretown Records. We, as a band, were then able to release our first two singles, ‘Teenage Heartache,' and, ‘No One Came,' on iTunes UK/EU, through his label.

Our music sounds like...
Musically, we're inspired by an eclectic variety of genres, bands and characters, leading to a sound which is fairly difficult to pinpoint. The backbone of our sound lies in indie-rock but there are hints of Motown/Stax and electronic music. Essentially, strong melodies, commanding beats and real-life lyrics are what we do best.  

People will like our music because...
Our fans love listening to our music, but particularly coming to our shows. They say they love the energy we exert on-stage and the fact that our music is largely an extension of each of our personalities.

Our musical heroes are...
We have undying respect for artists such as Jim Morrison, Wilson Pickett, Thom Yorke, Morrissey and Andrea Corr!

We are inspired by...
Our inspiration comes almost completely from the memorable moments, good or bad, that we come across in our day-to-day lives, whether that be love, loss, growing up or our vague attempts at being political.

In five years we'll be...
...unfathomably famous, hopefully, or if not, rent-boys  

When we're not writing, rehearsing or playing...
...we enjoy simple things: playing golf, getting pissed, humous.

We wish we had written...
..."Flex" by Dizzie Rascal and "Sunflower" by Low.

This is our debut EP:
Our debut EP, ‘Best Night/ Worst Night,' is released in mid-November of this year, both physically and digitally on iTunes through Puretown Records. This comprises revised versions of our first two singles, ‘Teenage Heartache,' and, ‘No One Came,' as well as three new tracks. ‘When Titanic Sank,' is an in-depth account of a short-lived relationship that meant more than it should have. ‘Blue Eyes,' is a story of the desperate desire to be someone in an alien city. ‘Can't Thank You Enough,' is a haunting piano-vocal duet about a father-son relationship.

If we had one wish...
...we would engage in an orgy with all four members of The Corrs.