Die jungen Wilden aus Manchester


Name: Northern Quarter (formerly known as Them Next Door)
Ort: Manchester
Mitglieder: Nathan, Lloydy, Dave, Justin & Sam
Stil: Indie-Pop, -Rock
Mein erster Eindruck: Indie-Rohdiamant mit Ecken und Kanten
Anhörtipp: Fly Forever, Friendly Man
Erinnert an: The Rolling Stones, Sugar Plum Fairy, The Doors


We are...
Ambitious and creative with a collective passion for making music, music is our lives and growing up around bands such as Oasis and The Stone Roses we've been fed pure Manchester music since we were little.

That's where we got our name from:
We named ourselves after a creative area within Manchester known as the Northern Quarter, this is where we play many of our shows and have developed a fan base around it.

That's our story:
We are close friends who wanted to create a powerful rock & roll band and prove that we are good enough musicians to make it within the industry.

Our music sounds like...
We've been told we sound like Joy Division, Nirvana and Iggy Pop and we're proud to be somewhere in-between, it's great that people are unable to place us in a certain category, we hope this proves to be an appeal for future fans.

People will like our music because...
We tell the truth about society, and about the way we've been brought up. We express experiences we've had through our music and try to take the listener on a journey.

Our musical heroes are...
Personally (Nathan Vocals) my hero's are John Lennon, Ray Davies and Bob Marley, but as a band we would references bands such as The Stone Roses, The Verve, Oasis, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and many more, we're a band with a mix of musical interests making our music eclectic and exciting.

We are inspired by...
Events, People, Places, Views and arguments, anything really, anything that we feel we can reflect on and that we feel effects our lives in some way.

In five years we'll be...
Who knows!? We hope to be doing well, we feel we can do with a lot of support from our friends both within the U.K. and around the world also...We just want to prove that we are capable of making good music.

If we weren't in a band we would be/ do (or when we're not playing with the band we...)...
Have many interests, two band members want to also be producers, I want to manage bands, and the other members have other hobbies and aspirations also.

We wish we had written...
"The Masterplan" by Oasis, it tells a story of how we're all part of one big masterplan, and we believe this is true, it's a really powerful song and Noel Gallagher can be extremely proud of it.

This is our debut album/ EP:
We adore our single "Show Me The Door" this song is about breaking out of a regime ran by a dictator. We have had great feedback on this song as many people have found themselves being controlled by a regime and they see this song as a small piece of hope to work to eventual freedom.

We supported bands like...
Foals, Dykeenies, David Jordan, lots really, it all depends on what opportunities we are given.

If we had one wish...
It would be to do well and become a global named band, we want our music to be heard in as many countries as possible, even if only one listener smiles because we've entertained them...that's enough for us!